Cabins and Tenting

Moran State Park has replaced all the bunk beds at the Moran Environmental Learning Center with new bunk beds and much more comfortable mattresses from a University of Washington dormitory.

Washington State Parks is now limiting where tenting is permitted within the Moran Environmental Learning Center grounds.  Tents are no longer allowed in the camp orchard, and will only be allowed in areas that they have designated.  We have included a copy of their tenting location map below.

Camp Moran rangers estimate that there is room for ten tent sites.  The first year we limited tenting, the available tenting spots were snatched up in 24 hours.  Now we limit requests for tenting to the same timeframe that the registration lottery is open, and include those registrations in a separate tenting lottery.  We will notify all the tenting lottery applications after the tenting lottery is closed.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we need to work within the guidelines that the WashingtonState Parks and the Moran State Park rangers have set for us.