2021 Camp Cancellation

Hello Fabulous Community:

We have waited to contact you until now while we analyzed whether we would proceed with Orcas Summer Camp for 2021.

We have decided that we will not be holding our August 2021 Orcas Summer Camp this year. We held hope, we waited, we analyzed.

Our stopping points:

  • Big No.1 - Washington State Parks to date has not opened reservations for use of their Retreat Centers. We have no reservation date with them for this summer. From the Washington State Parks website: "Most Retreat Centers remain closed, and we anticipate that the closures will continue through the 2021 season. We continue to review guidelines provided by the Governor’s Office."
  • Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS), our parent organization, strongly suggests starting small, starting local. As organizers, we feel a 4-day regional residential camp is not a prudent way to ease back into dance community
  • We are an intergenerational camp, which includes CHILDREN. Children are not eligible for vaccinations yet.
  • We note that CDSS has cancelled their Family Camps for 2021.
  • Our food preparation and the way we cook meals is not possible during a pandemic.
  • Many safety, legal, and insurance protocols are challenges if holding a camp at this point in time: waivers, proof of vaccination, shared cabins (not everyone wants to tent), shared bathrooms, food, indoor distancing, and travel.

We feel it is too early for how Orcas Summer Camp functions to be comfortable and safe together, and, we are not willing to be an early 'test-camp' . Most importantly, we are not going to risk your health and well being.

We look forward to holding a revitalized Orcas Summer Camp with you in 2022!

Be Careful - Stay Safe - Remain Well.

We hold each and every one of you dearly in the love and warmth of community, and, truly miss being with you.

Virginia and Marlin Prowell
Orcas Summer Camp