2022 Cancellation Responses

After we notified campers that we were cancelling camp for 2022, some of them wrote back. Here is what they said:

Looking forward to 2023!

– Todd Silverstein

Hi all (Virginia and Marlin and any others),

While this is disappointing, you made the right call. Our family would’ve skipped this year, even if camp was going forward, due to the COVID risk. (all the things we love about Orcas camp, the shared meals, dancing, bunking in the cabins, are such great breeding grounds for COVID)

Hopefully we can gather more safely in 2023. We so appreciate all the effort that has gone into camp over the years.

Wishing you well and take care,

– Julie Conklin, Tim Noonan, Shane Noonan and family

Great big hugs to all of you. Looking forward to 2023!

– Melissa Coffey and Will Brown

Dear Marlin, Virginia and committee members,

I’m sure this is a well thought out and rough decision. I look forward to a time when we can gather together, and send you lots of love now.


-Diana Herbst

We look forward to the next one! Thanks for all that you do.

– Jen Mollins

It’s good to read that a committee has been formed to keep the camp going. Virginia and Marlin did such a wonderful job for so many years, and we’re all grateful to them. But I think everyone who’s been to camp knew they would need to step back at some point. So, good for them, and thank you to those who stepped forward to continue camp. We’d love to know who you hearty souls are that formed the committee. Please let campers know.

– Joan Vermullen and John Gallagher

Wise choice… for you and all concerned. Look forward to returning in 2023!

– Jane Srivastava

So very sorry that it couldn’t work out. Hoping for next year.

– Katy Nollman

So glad you are planning for 2023.

– Jinny Beekmann

So sad!!! 😭

Thank you for all your efforts!! I have always enjoyed this camp. I hope to we can be there next year.

Dance ON!!

– Jerry Pergamit