Evening Dances

The only events that are organized by the camp are the evening dances. Orcas Summer Camp owns a modest sound system that is used at camp each year. The sound system does not have enough microphones, so Orcas Summer Camp would rent mics, mic stands, and mic cords from Bellingham Country Dance each year.

Each dance had a lead caller and lead musician. The lead caller is responsible for managing a sign-up sheet for all who wanted to call in an evening, and would step in to do the calling if no one was available. The lead musician is responsible for marshaling the musicians in an evening, choosing tune sets, and doing whatever else herding musicians require. There is also someone who manages the sound system during the evening.

A camp organizer would approach callers and musicians at camp and ask them to volunteer for one evening.

Dave Andrews and Sherrie Montgomery put together a tune book in 2013 that has been used by the musicians at Orcas Camp so that everyone would have access to a common set of tunes. There may be a later version of this tune book.