Financial Information

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we file a Balance Sheet/Profit and Loss statement with CDSS each year. You can view the statements from 2014 to 2021 here. These are mainly useful for seeing what the camp expenses were each year. Note that two of the years had a negative net income because there were loan payments, not because camp expenses exceeded income.

We did not tightly budget our food and other purchases each year. Unlike most camps which have paid staff, our fixed costs are relatively low each year, about $1,000. This is about $10 per camper. All other costs for food and lodging were per camper. We paid Washington State Parks a fee per camper, and our food purchases were based on the number of campers attending.

We did have a rough idea of what was reasonable to plan for the camp menu that stayed within what we had done previous years. Washington State Parks would increase the overnight camper rate each year.

We would analyze at the end of camp where we ended up financially. When the net income for a year started dropping, we would raise the camp fee accordingly.

This might seem a bit risky, but since we held camp every year, and food costs and facility costs rose only modestly, this method worked well enough. However, we have now had a two year hiatus, and it seems necessary to draw up some kind of budget for the coming year or two, so that we can make a decent estimate of what the camper fee should be for this year.