The volunteer kitchen crew produces three meals each day and the dessert served during the break at the evening dance. Breakfast is served at 8:30 AM, lunch at 12:30PM, and dinner at 6:30 PM. As campers know, these times are approximate.

Food Safety

We take food safety seriously. One or more campers should have an active food handlers permit and be watchful for food handling issues. The kitchen is stocked with disposable gloves which everyone must use. Food surfaces are sanitized regularly and cooking equipment run through the kitchen sanitizer after every use.

Kitchen volunteers

When campers arrive, there are sign up sheets for each meal, 10 volunteers each. We ask that kitchen volunteers show up 2 hours before breakfast or lunch is served, and 3 hours before dinner is served. The kitchen commander assigns tasks to the volunteers and is responsible for orchestrating the meal preparation.

Dish Pit volunteers

Some of the volunteers for a meal will work in the dish pit, the dish and pot cleaning section. They are responsible for cleaning and then sanitizing the cooking equipment after it has been used by the cooking crew.

Kitchen commander

The kitchen commander is responsible for assigning preparation and cooking tasks for each meal to the available volunteers. Duties include:

  • Must have a food handlers permit
  • Responsible for assessing a volunteer’s skill level and assigning appropriate tasks
  • Planning the sequence of the meal’s tasks so the meal preparation is completed in time

In Practice

Meal preparation is not a sequential process, one meal after another, throughout the weekend. Items for the next meal (or two!) are prepared in advance and stored in containers for later use. This makes assigning each meal to an individual kitchen commander difficult, because advance preparation of future meals is essential to keep the kitchen process moving smoothly.