The camp registration system is computer based and has two parts: the registration web page that is part of the camp web site, and the “back end” which is hosted on a personal Mac at the Prowell’s home.

The back end is home grown and consists of a MySQL database, various Python scripts for producing reports and generating emails, and a simple PHP data base application for managing the camper registration information. This system should be runnable on either Macs or Windows computers.

Actually this is the eventual goal that is currently under development. The registration system back end started out in 2001 as a FileMaker Pro application, and was tweaked over time. I kept the FileMaker Pro software up to date until FileMaker switched to focusing on commercial developers and charged $1,000 for the software package. I’ve kept using the last version I had purchased, but that version will only run on macOS versions from 2017 and earlier. I’ve kept one Mac on this old version of macOS just to run FileMaker Pro, but obviously this is not a practical long term solution.