Renting Camp Moran

Reserving dates

Camp reservations for the Retreat Centers are handled two different ways. For the time period between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, groups that have previously rented a Retreat Center are first given a chance to rent the same facility again. These groups are sent a Reservation Request form asking for a list of preferred dates for the next rental year, which we filled out and sent back.

Washington State Parks analyzes all the requests and chooses one of the preferred dates for each of the groups. Each group gets a Reservation Application back with the chosen date and the amount due for deposit. Paying the deposit confirms the reservation. If a group does not rent the facility, it loses its seniority rights for making early reservation dates.

For reservations outside the Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend (which does not apply to Orcas Summer Camp), reservations for a Retreat Center are taken at most one year in advance of the requested date on a first-come, first-served basis.

Orcas Summer Camp started in 2001 and held camp in September for the first five years. It has been holding camp the first weekend of August since 2006, and we believe it is one of the most senior groups that are renting Camp Moran.

Rental rates

Camp Moran has two different rental rates: an overnight rate and a day use rate. Only the overnight rate applies to Orcas Summer Camp, and for 2022 the rate is $13.51 per person per night. A 10.3% sales tax is added to that. Thus the fee for each camper is $44.70 for a three night stay.

Camp Moran has a maximum capacity of 148 campers, and minimum requirement of 70. If less than 70 campers come to Orcas Summer Camp, we still need to pay as if 70 overnight campers attended. If we have less than 70 campers, we cannot make up the difference with day use campers; the requirement is a minimum of 70 overnight campers.